Justice Connect is an inclusive organisation using innovative Mobile & Web Apps to build peace & justice.
Cognizant of the future of Africa being more demanding than now, we want to create future solutions today!
“ You can't create a sustainable peace & justice systems by focusing your solutions only on the contemporary issues-we need to think beyond now and design solutions with the youth in mind!__Denis OGWANG(Director) ”


Cutting the cost of justice using innovative ICT approaches to deliver real-time messages from the different courts in Uganda. You should be in court only when your case is scheduled for a hearing that day! We take court schedules and logs to inform and keep within reach, the key litigans in a court case. We offer SMS, USSD, Voice Calls(Using our customized toll free Justice Connect's Call Centres) to the concerned parties in a court case. We want to bridge the existing communication gap in the judiciary system of Uganda.



myLAND is a land justice system that uses open GIS to build a sustainable land mapping &data archiving.The platform makes digital copies of land ownership information by capturing land title, land first owner's photo, land family members photos and these information are kept in a persistent database that's updated as and when required. The system displays these info in an searchable interactive map accessible by all land stakeholders. We also work in partnership with the banks to provide land title acquisition to the poor and as well,help provide half paid land surveying for the interested people.


Citizen Reporting for Justice(CRJ)

This a secure complaint platform where employees,complainants,refugees,etc can report their issues for enough support and guidance before launching with the police. Using the platform,one can get legal guidance on the processes to follow in case of any rights abuses. The platform also has a Mobile App client,SMS Module and USSD Provisions. The platform will also run a Call Centre for quick help. We want to help the complainants generate more concrete evidence before going to court whose ruling is evidence-based.We want every complainant to receive fair justice.


In Progress

We are currently working on new inclusive ideas and solutions. However, we are seeking funding to run some modules especially the SMS,USSD, and Call Center Modules


Read what people are saying about Justice Connect.

“It's not only important but it's also necessary for the youth to have the opportunity to be actively involved in building peace &justice systems of their nations. To achieve Tomorrow's Justice, the foundation of Justice must be bulit today! To achieve justice in the world, we need to prepare the young people for justice today and at Justice Connect, we pledge to work towards building peace & justice not only for now but for the future too!”


Denis OGWANG Justice Connect, Uganda Director

“Building ICT solutions that can give opportunities for the youth to champion justice movements for the communities is a very great opportunity for the youth to show their relevance in the society.Freelancing with Justice Connect gives me the joy and the pride of giving back to my community which is something I couldn't have easily done single-handedly.Thanks for the opportunities, Justice Connect.”


Isaac Ogwal Ogweng,Ayena Odongo & Company Advocates Legal Officer



Victor Ochen, African Youth Initiatve Network Director & Africa's ever youngest and Uganda's First Nobel Peace Prize Nominee



Jane Ekayu, Children of Peace Uganda Director

“Understanding how the youth can be integrated into building our peace and justice systems is a prer -requsite for sustainability of these systems. If the justice system must live beyond today, we need to put the youth at the centre-stage of these systems.It's a great opportunity to be named as an advisor to this innovative peace & justice organisation--Justice Connect.”


Professor Okaka Opio Dok Otum, Lira University Deputy Vice Chancellor



Moris Chris Ongom, GLOFORD(Global Forum for Development) Director

Our Approches

We have put together a well thought out set of strategies to help us achieve the desired impact. Following are some of them.

Research& Strategy Development

We beleive that there are so many solutions that can be developed but for us to design the solutions, we need to understand the existing gaps and develop strategies that can help adress those gaps. At Justice Connect, we have a well built reseach centre where innovations are researched, developed, tested and launched for the greater good of the community.

Legal Clinics & Consultations

Normally private law firms in Uganda charge very high prices in exchange for legal consulatations services. We beleieve that so many people miss justice simply because they can't afford these legal fees and we want to change that! At Justice Connect, we offer free or very affordable legal consultations. Our probono lawyers offer legal consulatations for as low as $10 and below. We also have youth-based probono legal freelancing services where young and talented legal officers are matched to specific community needs.

Content Development & Visual Communication

"Ignorance of the law is no defense":-But in all fairness, it should be a defense in Uganda! just thinking aloud...
We have realized that there's been a very big gap in communicating the content of the laws/policies of our nation to both literate and illiterate communities. The constitution is written in a way that it's hard to understand by an ordinary citizen. Every citizen must understand the laws that govern the society but unfortunately, not so much has been done in achieving this, the Uganda Police's Community Polishing Program is trying but unfortunately, the community seems to have lost confidence in the police explaining these laws to the them reasons being the police always trying to focus only on law enforcement.
At Justice Connect, we want to come out independently and without bias to create localized visual communication tools to help the communities understand the laws of the country. We want to target specific groups and ensure that we use the right communication strategy to explain the legal content to them.

ICT& Innovations

Times have changed and so our approaches must follow. At Justice Connect, we have realized that another approach to ensuring jsutice in the country is through ICT innovations. We design highly innovative community-focused ICT Innovations all geared towards making justice achieveable and affordable even by the poor communities in the country.

Projected Impact

Justice Connect's projection in terms of impact by the year 2030

10 Innovative Projects Created
5000 Engaged youth & Women
1000 Engaged Legal Officers
1500000 Beneficiaries

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